SEPTEMBER 20, 2021


(Coral Gables/Miami, Florida, United States) Let it be called Castilian — Debe llamarse castellano is a bilingual, educational song which makes parody of the now debunked coverup regarding the most widespread of all official Spanish languages, all of which have their own unique names. With lyrics written by language activist Allan Tépper, the song features his voice and that of renowned voiceover talent and Spaniard singer María Esnoz, who happens to have a degree in linguistics from the prestigious Autonomous University of Madrid (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid). Allan Tépper is the author of 13 book titles to date, including La conspiración del castellano and its adaptation in English, The Castilian Conspiracy, both of which are now available in their second edition. The song’s production took place in three different locations: Allan Tépper wrote the lyrics in Coral Gables/Miami, Florida, US, where he recorded his sections. María Esnoz recorded her performance in Madrid, Spain. After Allan Tépper edited the song, sound engineer Chris Curran performed the final mix and mastering in Colorado Springs, Colorado, US. Technical details of the production are covered in detail in this episode of BeyondPodcasting, where the song is played completely.

Distribution, free

Until September 22nd 2021, the song will be heard exclusively on Allan Tépper’s online radio shows and podcasts CapicúaFM, BeyondPodcasting and SpeakCastilian. Starting on September 22nd, the song will be made available free via CC (Creative Commons) Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0), which requires only attribution and playing of the song in its entirety. Media organizations including podcasts, radio and TV stations may request the uncompressed WAV file and/or the audiogram version using this linked form.

Media interviews

If you would like to interview Allan Tépper for a newspaper, magazine, podcast, radio show or TV show, click here to schedule it. Presently this is feasible only in Castilian or in English.

About Allan Tépper

Born in Connecticut, United States, Allan Tépper is an award-winning broadcaster & podcaster, bilingual consultant, multi-title author, tech journalist, translator, and language activist who has been working with professional video since the eighties. Since 1994, Tépper has been consulting both end-users and manufacturers through his Florida company. Via TecnoTur, Tépper has been giving video tech seminars in several South Florida’s universities and training centers, and in a half dozen Latin American countries, Canada and Spain, in their native language. Tépper has been a frequent radio/TV guest on several South Florida, Guatemalan, Spanish and Venezuelan radio and TV stations. As a certified ATA (American Translators Association) translator, Tépper has translated and localized dozens of advertisements, catalogs, software, and technical manuals for the Spanish and Latin American markets. He has also written many contracted white papers for tech manufacturers. Over the past 18 years, Tépper’s articles have been published or quoted in more than a dozen magazines, newspapers, and electronic media in Latin America. Since 2008, Allan Tépper’s articles have been published frequently –in English– in ProVideo Coalition magazine. See his radio activity at and his books at

About María Esnoz

With a linguistics degree from the Autonomous University of Madrid (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), María Esnoz is a renowned voice over talent and singer. María is also an experienced translator (English>Castilian). Her voiceover work repertoire includes both corporate and commercial spots and her singing résumé includes the children’s songs in Castilian for Little Baby Bum and now Let it be called Castilian — Debe llamarse castellano, where her performance is in both Castilian and English. María’s voice has previously been heard on Allan Tépper’s CapicúaFM in commercial spots, promos and stingers.

About Chris Curran

Chris Curran has been on staff at some of the most prestigious music recording facilities in the world: The Hit Factory, The Soundtrack Group, and Quad Recording. His many album credits include being engineer, producer or assistant engineer roles on projects with Foreigner, Sarah McLachlan, Jeff Buckley, MC Hammer, Itzhak Perlman, Naughty by Nature, Ice Cube, Philip Bailey, Biohazard, Biggie Smalls, Puffy, Heavy D., Helmet, Monster Magnet, Orange 9mm, Nuno Bettencourt, Onyx, Quicksand, Savatage and many others. Chris has also been a frequent guest on Allan Tépper’s BeyondPodcasting show.


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